Sunday, April 24, 2011

Breaking News !

Breaking News ! Breaking News ! Breaking News!........

‘Good Afternoon to all our viewers, reports are in, that a very large cow has got stuck inside the  Kaligonga river, in our town of Moanpur. Our camera man has captured all the details.
[Camera shot of cow] Don’t speak.
[Reporter Ready]- Speak Now!
‘Seems like a very tragic situation, lets go to our ‘ Special Correspondent’,
 Charkha? Can you hear me?
‘Yes , I can hear you!’ ,shouts Charkha, in an upside down suspended position

‘Go ahead Charkha, where are you?’
I am just above the bridge, hanging down from a helicopter, and I can see the cow very distressed. Many people have gathered to see and support this cow, Prawny?
Charkah ,what is the reaction of the people?
Prawny, the people look concerned and are now singing devotional songs, for her help and support,
And how is the cow?
The cow looks, sad, if you can just pan the camera to the cow, just a minute…..
[Camera man- PAN!, you idiot, close shot -show expression of cow]
See how scared she looks?
Hmm looks scared, can you get something out of her?
‘Cow! Cow! How did you get here and how do you feel?’ Charkha
And all Monalisa could say was ‘ Mooooo!’
But that was not the end, she was still stuck!

To be continued…..

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Out of the Waters and on Camera !

As Monalisa the cow floated down, and down she saw all the various Gods in front of her with their many hands, as if waving to her. She never hit the water bed , but was poked by all the outstretched arms, and as she started to move her feet, she soon bobbed out of the water! She bobbed in and out, and in and out, and every time she did that, there would be silence inside the waters and a rush of noise outside. The water bed was not very deep and she soon got her hoofs caught in the sludge.
From the bridge, a photographer was walking with his camera, looking for a special scoop. And it was then, when he was looking down the bridge to spit his gum, that he saw a very large cow, stuck in the waters and struggling to get out! He thought ‘Great! What a scoop!’ and soon started to take photographs, he also called up his television channel to report of breaking news. ‘What luck?’ he thought, something is happening in this sleepy town’, and dreamed of winning a Noble Prize!
There was breaking news on their local News Channel!
to be continued.....

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Monalisa in animation -enjoy!

The Fable of the Fantastic Cow as a Picture Story !

Monalisa Doing Tai chi with Col. Tommy

 Monalisa - the Cow-Feeling Sad  looking over the Wooden Bridge

Monalisa the Cow Finally Jumping over the Bridge !

to be continued!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Into the Waters !


In the afternoon the water below looked cool and sparkled brightly. Monalisa then got on top of the bridge, and she said her final ‘Mooo’ and just jumped !
Monalisa the cow closed her eyes for the worst, and she hit the water with a splash. When she hit the water she opened her eyes in a reflex action, she could hear glugging sounds as she fell deeper into the water, and then she was suddenly very shocked to see many outstretched hands of Gods!!!
These were the various idols which the religious Hindus had immersed during their festivals. A festival had just gone by and many idols had remained half melted in the water. The whole sea bed consisted of multicolored and adorned statues of Gods with their hands in the posture of blessing, their eyes straight and lips smiling, stuck in the bed of the river!

To be continued

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Final Goodbye!


The morning walkers, were very disturbed by the behavior of a snappy dog and a very large cow, balancing on their feet and running about and making a lot of noise ! You see Monalisa had gained so much weight, that when she ran , it would sound like a thousand horses were running by! Col. Tommy had to make a run as the stray dog department came after him and Monalisa just headed in any direction she could find.
So once again, Monalisa the cow, sobbed and sobbed and ate only one can of garbage. She became so disillusioned with the world that she slowly walked towards the large bridge. She was very determined and solemn,’ Good bye cruel world’, she said, ‘Good bye everyone’, and then started to walk over the Wooden Bridge.
to be continued....

Monday, April 4, 2011

Motivational Lessons

Monalisa the cow,decided to change her attitude, so she took the advice of her only friend Kwaky the Lazy Crow, who wood often take joyrides on Monalisa’s back when he was too tired to fly, he was now a grandfather after all! He advised her to take the help of Col. Tommy. Colonel Tommy was a white spritely Pomeranian dog who had been abandoned, after his owners left for their next posting, in the army. He had a black patch on his left eye and now took Motivational Lectures for those animals who had been dumped by their owners, just like him.
Col. Tommy sat erect and listened to Moanalisa’s sad tale. He got up and said, like Napoleon commanding his army, ‘ Worry not Cow!, I have a plan for you!’ .
Each day Monalisa wood do yoga and tai chi at 5.3o in the morning and then she and Col. Tommy would go on a run. Col. Tommy’s plan was to reduce Monalisa’s weight and then try and bring about positive energy. But their plan was doomed from the start.

To be continued……

Friday, April 1, 2011

The City Life

Flashback !
Once she got onto the highway there was a huge car crash as most of the drivers looked shockingly at a thin brown and white cow with branches on her head walking in the middle of the road! The children started to laugh at her, and she then took off her camouflage outfit and headed for the city life.
She found it difficult to fit in with the city cows, they thought she was competition and they had already occupied the prized food and sweet stores and all the elite garbage dumps, and so they kept her out of their group.
She then, had to wait for the other cows to finish and then eat the remains in the garbage bin, which was a lot of junk food. After many days she found a small temple where she would stand and some devotees would give her food and touch her feet. She was extremely embarrassed, but she was desperate for food. She soon found a place where she got shade and would sleep or sit the whole day. This place, was in front of an old library and there she would turn her back towards the street and see the people reading books and then sleep peacefully.
But as luck would have it the temple people scooted her out of their premises as their own cow needed space and the policeman too blew a whistle and gave her a stick in the back, as she was obstructing traffic near the library!
Back to the Present !
And, so, she now walked about in fear all the time, with no friends, no peaceful sleep and no place of her own, and extremely overweight! She became more and more depressed and then she finally decided to take an extreme step!
to be continued.....