Friday, May 27, 2011

To the Mayor's Office !

Monalisa the cow, was very surprised to see the buffalo in tears. She went up to him and asked him what the matter was. The buffalo Huns, was very sad that he had lost his children and wife to some butchers. Monalisa felt very angry and decided to do something to help Huns. ‘But what?’, She thought. And just as she and Huns walked together in sorrow she saw a bull coming towards her. Dharma the bull was in a very sorry state. He complained of back and neck pain and how his hoofs were getting weathered on the cement roads as he pulled his cart to transport ice. His city owner too had not been very kind to him. Dharma longed to go back to the farm and plough land with his hoofs in cold soft earth and contribute to the fields, and also be with his family.
Monalisa the cow , was now was very determined, she had to help her own kind! God, had saved her once but now she had to make her life worth it! She decided to take action and headed straight for the Mayor’s Office and launch a protest!
As the trio reached the gates of the Mayor’s Office, Monalisa the cow was surprised to see Charkha the ‘special correspondent’ doing a ‘scoop’ on how the security guard outside the office was sleeping on duty!  Charkha the reporter immediately abandoned her ‘scoop’ and decided to follow Monalisa to the Mayors Office gates. And so they went!
to be continued.......

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cow to the Rescue!

Monalisa the Cow was very confused. She wondered why had she been saved, in such a way? She thought and thought as she chewed upon some cabbage. She realized that the idols underneath the waters when she had almost sank had pushed her up and it was a sign. It was a sign that she was meant to lead a life with a purpose! And she wondered and wondered about the ‘purpose’ as she walked. As she was walking thoughtfully she suddenly saw school children crossing the zebra crossing and a  very loud motorcyclist, speeding towards them, she decided to act swiftly!
Monalisa the cow jumped right in front and in between the school children and the motorcyclist. On seeing the very large cow the biker pulled the breaks, screeched, skidded ahead and hit Monalisa the cow in the stomach, did a summersault in the air and landed straddled on Monalisa’a back with his head towards her tail!  The shouting children then started to laugh and applauded, and the crowd gathered around all clapped. The Principle of the school and the teachers, all ran towards the cow, to see if she was okay. And she was! Due to her large size and weight she not only had saved a bad road accident but had also cushioned the fall of the biker!
The biker turned out to be a wannabe roadie and the Principle of the school made the biker write ‘I will not ride my bike speedily and loudly’ 200 times on the board, for a week. Monalisa got a new lease of life! The school hired her as the traffic stopper for their school children, they also gave her a school sash. So now she had a job , as well as lots of friends who would hug and give Monalisa a bit of their lunch.
All was well, but one day she met a very sad buffalo!

To be continued……

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breaking News once again!

Breaking News ! Breaking News ! Breaking News!........

Good evening !
This is Shogorika Blahsh, we have breaking news, that the Cow has been rescued, by a small boy!
Lets go to our correspondent…… Charkha? Can you hear me?
Yes , Shogorika, the mood is very jubilant hear, you can see people behind me cheering as the cow was pulled out slowly by this very small boy from the slums.
What is the reaction of the boy?
Apkow kaisah lagthaw hai? Charkha (How do you feel)
Hain?  Boy
Apne Cow khow save kiya? Apkho kya feeling hai?
‘Madam, I am from an All Boys English Public School for slum children’. Speak to me in either English or our national language, not both!,’ said the boy, in BBC like English accent.
And to answer your question, I feel fine and it was my duty to save an animal’. Thank you.
‘Wonderful!’ Where do you live? Charkha.... The boy leaves.
Hey charkha, how is the cow?
The cow is fine, let me just go over and get something out of her…. Cow are you ok?
And all Monalisa the cow could say was ?……… YES you guessed it………….MOOOO?

But that is not the end of her story, she walked away quickly way from the maddening crowd.
The reporters left and so did all the people, the Socialite decided to end her fast,she was relieved, and she had just enough time to change into her new designer clothes, and head for the next party. She ended her fast with a vodka and lime juice.
But now Monalisa the cow was confused………..
To be continued……….

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Picture of the Story

The Cameraman from the local news channel -seeing the breaking story from the wooden bridge.

Charkha, the special correspondent, interviewing Monalisa the Cow!

The Socialite and her buddies fasting along to Save the Cow !

Monday, May 2, 2011

Breaking News Still !

The breaking story, was flashed for the whole afternoon. The News Channels asked for support and help for the cow. Since, now, everyone was interested, everyone wanted to be a part of this story. The Mayor gave a statement to help the cow and did nothing. The local wannabe socialite, sacrificed her afternoon siesta time and went on a fast in support of the cow. Soon, many of her last nights, party buddies joined her for a fast, as they needed it for their own publicity and also to take care of their hangover from last night.
The people on twitter also twitted for a whole two hours, on this subject, and others sent messages about the cow. In all this commotion, a small boy from the nearby slums, swam below the water , tied a noose around Monalisa and pulled Monalisa out of the waters!
In three hours there was another news flash!
To be continued…..