Thursday, June 7, 2012

The End-The True Ding Dong End


As soon as the white flag of defeat was seen the whole town was elated. Charkha the ‘Special Correspondent’, woke up from her tent outside the Mayor’s residence and told the whole world the ‘Breaking News’ for breakfast. The bovine friends were all elated and finally an agreement was reached with Monalisa the Cow, Col. Tommy the dog and Kwaky the Crow and the Mayor and his secretary. Charkha the ‘Special Correspondent’ was the official negotiator. This was breaking news!...

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking News!
Good afternoon everyone the latest news is that an agreement has been reached between the Fantastic Cow and the Mayor, we shall now join our ‘special correspondent’ at the live spot……
Charkha? What are the demands of the Bovine friends, have they reached an agreement?’
Good afternoon Prawny, a breakthrough has been reached between the two parties, the ‘Bovine Buddies’ have the following demands:
Stopping forced and unecessary slaughter of any animals,
Sparing young animals till maturity,
Taking care of non milk able cows/handicapped animals,
Stoppage of using buffaloes/horses/donkeys on concrete roads,
Using of animal hides and skins for commercial purposes,
Keeping places for cows to gather and have food in metro cities,
All the demands have been agreed!

‘Charkha ? What are the demands of the Mayor?
Prawny, the demands are:
Cows and other animals to walk in a line near the sides of the road,
No lounging around during peak traffic times and areas,
No walking into sweet shops and chasing people eating water melons and mangoes,
Maintain hygiene and not depositing excreta bang in the middle of the road and public places,
No raiding of garbage bins and houses with open windows…….
Both the parties are in agreement prawny!’
Thank you Charkha, you have done some great work and hope this will make things better between the humans and animals that can live together in peace…….. In other news the prices of potatoes and onions have risen in India and Switzerland…………………..’
So all was well in town. Charkha opened her own channel for Animals, and special coverage was given to the Fantastic Cow. Monalisa the Cow was offered a political position which she refused and decided to work for the community helping animals and humans. She worked during the day to stop the traffic for school children, and at night together with Col. Tommy the dog and Kwaky the crow would catch burglars.
The community and the animals were at peace. Monalisa the Cow was truly fantastic. And that truly is the ding dong end of this story!
But there was another creature who had a wonderful story of her own…………..
COMING SOON The Adventures of Lizzy the Lizard. STAY TUNED!!!!!