Monday, July 18, 2011

Operation Geronimoo!- Phase I Desperate Storm!

To be continued……
Monalisa the cow, her bovine buddies, and Charkha the ‘Special Correspondent’ behind all of them chattering away non-stop, to her listeners, barged through the gates of the socialite’s home. They knocked the guard down and carried him on their back and right on to the feet of the dancing girls who screamed. And then the rest of the cows ran after all the people, especially the ones who wore white leather shoes and carried matching white leather mobile cases, belts and purses. The bull drank all the juice and the buffalo and his friends ate all the salad. The whole place resembled a slapstick comedy show, with people screaming and the bovine animals eating or running after the people who tried to stop them.
To stop this whole mess and confusion, the police was called. But before they could come and take action, Col. Tommy the dog, and Kwaky the crow informed Monalisa the cow to leave the place immediately. And so with a loud Moo! Monalisa called all her cows to leave. They told Charkha the Special Correspondent their demands and  left for their secret meeting place.
Charkha the special correspondent relished this opportunity to hit headlines! Charkha had now become the mouthpiece of these bovine animals and they had vowed to her that they would give her free milk if she would help them. Charkha had jumped upon this offer since the cost of basic necessities were so high,  it was a welcome offer for her.
Charkha found the Mayor hiding inside a large artificially ancient made Ming Dynasty Vase imported from China supposedly by the socialite, but was actually from ‘Dime a Dozen’ street shop in Bangkok! Charkha tapped upon the Vase and the Mayor sheepishly peeped out of the mouth of the vase.
‘Are they gone?’,the Mayor asked
Yes, Mayor you can come out now , all the animals have left’, told Charkha
They have demands, Mayor, I think you better listen to them’
‘Off the record, please, and let see what the beastly bovine want’, said the Mayor
The bodyguards tried to lift the Mayor out of the vase but his stomach had gotten stuck in the middle, and so they had to break the vase into pieces. Everyone wondered how he had got in, in the first place?
Soon Charkha told the demands of the bovine community; their demands were:
1.       Stop the slaughter of all bovine animals
2.       Stop the sale of leather
3.       Stoppage of using bovine animals on concrete roads/ and pulling of carts
4.       Giving wandering cows food at one place
5.       Removal of plastic from use
‘What rubbish is this?’ Shouted the Mayor,’ What do these animals think they are? What about the hungry and poor children in this town?’
‘They say that you are responsible for them but who will fight the animals battles?’, told Charkha to the Mayor ,
‘I will not be cowed down sorry…. I will not be forced in doing useless things, I have much important things to do and take decisions on, this is not important and they are not important, and any ways I will need to speak with my ‘higher ups’ on this, so good bye, move , everyone to the side, I am going home, I am very tired’
And thus the Mayor moved into his car with his bodyguards behind him, and went home for the night.
Charkha conveyed the Mayors reaction to Monalisa the cow through a message delivered by Kwaky the crow. Monalisa the cow on hearing the insensitivity of the Mayor decided to give a day for the Mayor to talk to this ‘higher up’s’. But it was no use, he thought the whole thing was useless and waived it away when Charkha spoke to him about it.
Monalisa then decided to launch Phase two of ‘Operation Geronimooo’- ‘Total Recall!’
To be continued……..


  1. Thanks Sahilkhanna and Audrey for following this crazy story! Enjoy the madness!

  2. Grt job!!!Shogorika Blahsh was bang on.I can see Saki in happening...though he will always remain my best.

    I hope this time,Monalisa-the fantastic cow & Anna-the ultimate gandhian make it happen one & for all.Fingers crossed.

  3. Thank you Rohan for your comment I am flattered! You write well on social issues, nice blog!DO keep visiting, and keep writing!