Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Operation Geronimoo- Phase 1

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking !Breaking News!Breaking News!

Good Evening, this is Shogorika Blahsh, with the breaking news on the top of the hour, before we start our debate based on my book ‘ The Effect of Bengali Thought on All Things’ to be released this weekend in Taj Bengal by a very distinguished ……..
[Enough of self promotion Shong, pls get on!]
Let’s go to our special correspondent Charkha who has the latest information…..Charkha?
Good evening Shogorika, we still do not know what the Fantastic Cow is up to but I can see the Bovine Community getting into a huddle an d discussing something in hushed tones…..
Charkha what exactly are they discussing any idea?
Well, I did get a close enough to hear ‘Operation Geronimoo phase 1- Desperate Storm, it is now nine in the evening and we still don’t know what the……….hey hold on it seems there is some movement in the huddle………
[camera man move it, Charkha say something!]
And thus before anyone could understand anything, all the bovine members lead by Monalisa the cow Mooed very loudly and ran towards the direction where the Mayor had gone, to attend the dinner party of the Charity Club, founded by many concerned and extremely rich person of the town, who had a lot of black money to spare, of which the hostess was the local socialite and her theme was ‘White’.
The theme was a success all had come dressed in white , the dancing girls specially brought down from some tiny East European countries were a hit, who cheered for the Charity Cause. As the party started to get rocking the Mayor entered in his specially ordered white car with a red siren and dressed in White Khadi-representing peace, charity, purity- he represented the government, he did not hesitate to mention who his designer was of course.
And with a very loud Moo! Monalisa the Cow and her bovine buddies made their first attack.
To be continued……

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