Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cow to the Rescue!

Monalisa the Cow was very confused. She wondered why had she been saved, in such a way? She thought and thought as she chewed upon some cabbage. She realized that the idols underneath the waters when she had almost sank had pushed her up and it was a sign. It was a sign that she was meant to lead a life with a purpose! And she wondered and wondered about the ‘purpose’ as she walked. As she was walking thoughtfully she suddenly saw school children crossing the zebra crossing and a  very loud motorcyclist, speeding towards them, she decided to act swiftly!
Monalisa the cow jumped right in front and in between the school children and the motorcyclist. On seeing the very large cow the biker pulled the breaks, screeched, skidded ahead and hit Monalisa the cow in the stomach, did a summersault in the air and landed straddled on Monalisa’a back with his head towards her tail!  The shouting children then started to laugh and applauded, and the crowd gathered around all clapped. The Principle of the school and the teachers, all ran towards the cow, to see if she was okay. And she was! Due to her large size and weight she not only had saved a bad road accident but had also cushioned the fall of the biker!
The biker turned out to be a wannabe roadie and the Principle of the school made the biker write ‘I will not ride my bike speedily and loudly’ 200 times on the board, for a week. Monalisa got a new lease of life! The school hired her as the traffic stopper for their school children, they also gave her a school sash. So now she had a job , as well as lots of friends who would hug and give Monalisa a bit of their lunch.
All was well, but one day she met a very sad buffalo!

To be continued……

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  1. in the words of joey (friends) its all a "MOO" point... :D
    waiting eagerly for the next part