Friday, May 27, 2011

To the Mayor's Office !

Monalisa the cow, was very surprised to see the buffalo in tears. She went up to him and asked him what the matter was. The buffalo Huns, was very sad that he had lost his children and wife to some butchers. Monalisa felt very angry and decided to do something to help Huns. ‘But what?’, She thought. And just as she and Huns walked together in sorrow she saw a bull coming towards her. Dharma the bull was in a very sorry state. He complained of back and neck pain and how his hoofs were getting weathered on the cement roads as he pulled his cart to transport ice. His city owner too had not been very kind to him. Dharma longed to go back to the farm and plough land with his hoofs in cold soft earth and contribute to the fields, and also be with his family.
Monalisa the cow , was now was very determined, she had to help her own kind! God, had saved her once but now she had to make her life worth it! She decided to take action and headed straight for the Mayor’s Office and launch a protest!
As the trio reached the gates of the Mayor’s Office, Monalisa the cow was surprised to see Charkha the ‘special correspondent’ doing a ‘scoop’ on how the security guard outside the office was sleeping on duty!  Charkha the reporter immediately abandoned her ‘scoop’ and decided to follow Monalisa to the Mayors Office gates. And so they went!
to be continued.......

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