Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mooing at the Mayor's Office !

Breaking News! Breaking News! Breaking !Breaking News!Breaking News!
Good afternoon everyone! We have breaking news that the Fantastic Cow is heading for the Mayor’s Office, over to our ‘Special Correspondent’ Charkha! ……Charkha?
Hi Prawny!, You will be surprised to see that the Fantastic Cow, a buffalo and a bull are heading for the Mayor’s Office with some issues, if you can just pan the camera towards the gate of the main office……..
[Camera man pan!   Pan! ….PAN!!]
You can see that the security guard who was sleeping has closed the gates for their entry and is driving the cow and her friends away,….Prawny?, said Charkha
[Charkah, not ‘cow’ say ‘ Fantastic Cow’, Please!]
Charkha, what are the issues that the ’ Fantastic Cow’ is concerned about?
[ Prawny, frown more Please! Look serious and concerned!]
Well the issues are very serious, they wish to ban the use of Cows, Bulls and Buffalos for cheap human work and wish to ban the use of their skins as handbags and their meat on menu items. You can see their concerns are very valid. All of them have ‘Mooed’ and have tried to force themselves into the premises, but they have not been given an audience by the Mayor, as he is busy in a meeting!
[Enough of the monologue Charkha, audience is getting bored!]
I can see the people are gathering around Charkha?
Yes, Prawny, every time the cow….sorry the Fantastic Cow and her friends are ‘mooing’ the crowd is ‘booing’! Some of them have been waiting for the Mayor since a longtime and have backed the bovine in protest, they have came out of their tents!
Ok Charkha, keep us posted, we will get back to you!
On to other news…….
As soon as the news broke, the internet community decided to now set up a Facebook page for the Fantastic Cow and everyone on twitter decided to stop eating meat for a day, not wear shoes, and join the cow in a virtual protest. Before you knew it her page got a rate of 200 hits in a day and Monalisa the Cow now became a profit making cow!
But Monalisa’s efforts were in vain, as it became evening the Mayor did not come and speak or solve the issue and went home in his imported black Mercedes car! Monalisa the cow was very agitated and she decided to take ‘Direct Action’ she launched an attack called  ‘Operation Geronimoo!’
To be continued……

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